The consulting process always starts with a free meeting, which allows the consultant to ascertain your unique needs. We will help clients to formulate their problem in quantifiable terms and provide them with a detailed statistical analysis plan before the analysis commences. The analysis plan will adapt existing statistical procedures to the novel research context that clients present. The analysis plan is a stand-alone product that the client will receive.


When the data is available, our consultant can move forward with data cleaning and analysis as outlined in the work packages developed alongside of the analysis plan.


The data will be cleaned and transformed into a suitable format for the required analyses. Each analysis will be presented as a report, with figures and examples of how to interpret the results. Our consultant will help researchers to understand the statistical tools that were used, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


All derivative analytical programs, with annotations, will be made available to the clients to ensure scientific reproducibility.


Initial Consultation 

Data Cleaning

Presentation of Results

Develop Analysis Plan

  • Establish research questions

  • Determine what data is available

  • Obtain relevant summaries of project; protocols; questionnaires or data dictionaries

  • Produce written report with relevant figures and tables

  • Provide written interpretation of the results

  • Produce summary of statistical methods used

  • Answer client questions

  • Wrangle data into suitable format for analysis

  • Produce statistical programmes to reproduce data transformation process

  • Describe and motivate for any modifications to original analysis plan

  • Produce written analysis plan

  • Identify key working packages, as well as time and cost estimate

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