Each project is unique, and thus rates will only be determined after an initial consultation meeting, which is free of charge.


If the client wishes to proceed with the process after the initial consultation, the work required to produce an analysis plan will be billed at the hourly rate discussed in the initial meeting. The estimation of time needed to produce a plan will be dependent upon the complexity of the study design, the number of research questions, the complexity of the analyses, and the size of the dataset, among other factors.


The analysis or course-development plan will come complete with an outline of work packages that contain time and cost estimates. The cost estimates will be dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to: time, co-authorship, student status, and travel requirements.


Roxanne is also available to lecture short-courses located anywhere in South Africa or internationally. She is also available for adjunct lecturing positions in Pretoria. The fees for lecturing will also be discussed in an initial consultation meeting and will be dependent on whether the course content and curriculum need to be developed, as well as travel requirements.


Roxanne can also be hired on a retainer for academic units that require ad-hoc statistical or epidemiological advice.

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