We offer statistical and epidemiological consulting services to quantitative researchers who are able to expertly design studies to interrogate the phenomena they are interested in, but lack the time, as well as, statistical knowledge and programming capabilities to perform an analysis of their collected data.


Clients can feel confident that they are entrusting their analysis to an experienced researcher who is well-versed in scientific quantitative and statistical methods.

Design Studies
Write Scientific Documents
Teach/Develop Courses

We can help you to design your epidemiological study to answer specific research questions, while minimising bias. We can also aide in developing questionnaires for surveys

We are able to conduct literature reviews, as well as, write reports, and give recommendations

Our consultant can teach and develop courses on: epidemiology, biostatistics, data management in R, or programming principles for statisticians

Plan Analyses
Analyse Quantitative Data
Calculate Sample Sizes

Let us help you plan your analysis for ethics committee protocols, research proposals, and funding applications

We take your previously collected data and analyse it to produce tables and figures you can use for reports and manuscripts

We perform sample size and power calculations so you can plan your study to ensure precision around estimates

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